How to collect the currency in Modern Combat?


The real adventures come with some shooting games. On the internet millions of games are present, and most of them are action battle. Such games give a realistic gaming experience, and we engage with games. The top viral game is Modern Combat and the game come with different weapons and legend shooters. We can customize many things in the game, and that gives the different gameplay. You can be familiar with the controls of the game in a few minutes of playing.

The vital part of the game is currency, and every player focuses on it to increase his rank in the game. Many useful things are locked in the game but it is for better playing, and you need to play with spending time on the game. Some game seekers open them by Modern Combat Cheats.

Some different way of getting the currency

Daily Crates

In the game, many daily crates are active on daily, and you can get the currency but playing some matches. In such mode, the player can play in both modes like multiplayer and solo play. You need to win a battle match and get a handsome amount of currency.

Go through achievements

Many achievements tasks are available in achievements tap, and the player can select any one.  You need to smash the goal of every task and earn currency for going forward in the game. Each achievement is based on some killing missions.


Many of the events are on the game, and every event is not related to currency. Most of the events are only for currency in which you need to solve small tasks. Some events in the game are regarding learning processes. In the game, you can also grab the currency by the Modern Combat Cheats.