Hay day gameplay guide and feature for growing more crops

Supercell is one of the best developers in the current era of gaming. The game Hay day is one of the best game on farming theory. In the game, the player has to build his farm and add resources so the player can earn a better profit. The game required coins and diamond for purchasing resources. Both currencies are limited, and if you are willing to have unlimited currency, just try hay day hack to get it.

Grow more crops

In the farm, farmers can grow any kinds of crops. There are 21 kinds of crops farmer can grow on their farm. Each crop required fix space, and you can only harvest on limited space on the farm. Description of crops is below –

·        Wheat – Hay day farmers can begin at growing and harvesting at level 1. At the time the

Crops take two minutes to harvest to maturity. One harvest awards you as one experience point.

·        Corn – the corn crop can grow at level 2. Production time is of 8 minutes and awards one experience point for harvest.

·        Carrots – carrots start growing at level 9, and it takes ten minutes to grow to maturity. It can be sold to 1 to 7 coins in the market. But without efforts, you still can have unlimited coins with the help of hay day hack tools.

·        Soybean – Soybean starts growing at level 5 and takes more than 15 minutes to grow for maturity. Soybean harvest rewards two experience points.

However, if the farmer properly manages the crops, they can earn a great amount of profit.