Garena Free Fire – accelerate flow of adrenalin hormone with fun


The shooting Garena Free Fire has come up with new version for free to download and enjoy. You are landed with 50 other players to fight with. The game can be played solo and with other players as your priority is to survive for long time. You can use many things of the game to stay alert and safe. Here first thing which you have to do is that be at safe place and do not try to find the enemies. It is best to hide and stay for long time the place with less crowed. For novice player it is advisable that he should use Garena Free Fire Cheats to play the game with more fun and excitement.

Use of vehicle

You as a player ought to use vehicle to run away to the far located place but not for the solo mode. The player with team can be shooter while other player may drive the vehicle. It is better to stay away from the opponent then to find and kill them. Always keep checking the fuel tank of the vehicle.

Game coins and diamonds

There are coins and diamonds which used as game currencies to shatter the opponent players. You may find weapons and healing kits so that you can save yourself. These game currencies can help you to update the weapons and arms. Coins and diamonds can bring you more essential things to live longer. The Garena Free Fire Cheats are meant to serve the purpose of getting the game currency effortlessly.

Playing strategies

  • You should gather weapons, resources and medical kits.
  • Team yourself up with some skilled players and those who have certain strength and characteristics.
  • Use the map to find out the enemies as they are shown by red color and find places to hide away.
  • During combat, you should equip yourselves with those items that are essential.